Don't risk your business through poor communication.

Are you confident that every element of your business’s communication – including your website, social media, letters and emails – is building your reputation, not dragging you down?

We’re in a game-changer era. People judge your business instantly, and their views then strongly influence the opinions of their friends and associates.

In this reputation-driven economy, businesses with the best and most consistent communication will thrive.

Those businesses that invest in honestly assessing and improving the way they communicate will reap huge rewards

Here's the problem: we're so busy doing the day-to-day work we forget to take a broader look at how our business is really performing – especially in the critical area of communication.

If you’re not hitting the mark every time you communicate – on screen, on paper and in person – you’re wasting money and time. Even worse, there’s a good chance you’re turning customers off in droves.

Dr Neryl East is an expert on reputation, credibility and influence who shows leaders and teams how to stand out – through becoming outstanding communicators.

Neryl will conduct a specialist health check of your business’s digital and on-paper communication and provide a comprehensive report that shows you how to make immediate improvements.

Neryl brings more than 30 years experience including communication assessments in large and small businesses, government agencies and not-for-profits.

She’ll tailor the health check to suit your needs and make sure you get superior results through great communication. 

Communications health check

Neryl visits your business and talks to you (and your team, if applicable) to get to know your brand and what you need to achieve from your communications. She’ll take away as many samples of your communications as possible, then carry out her expert appraisal of your digital and hard copy communication pieces. You’ll get a detailed report and steps to move your communication from ordinary to awesome! 

What others say about Neryl

“I found her advice to be invaluable, to the point and most importantly, to be relied upon.”
- Michael Willis, former General Manager, Shellharbour City Council


“Everything I learned I will be able to implement into my everyday work.” - Coaching participant, November 2014


“Neryl imparts very valuable knowledge.”
- Monique Field, Business in Heels