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Ignite your influence

Have you ever looked at someone and thought: “wow, they’ve really got it worked out!”? Some people have that x factor – they’re the ones who get the wonderful opportunities and promotions, and others are naturally drawn to them.

Most of us – regardless of our role - would like to feel more confident and inspired at work. Not only will we be happier and more successful, we’ll make a real difference in our organization.

To stand out in today’s reputation-driven environment, we need to be champion influencers. That involves communicating with presence and credibility, while being able to connect instantly with people.

Neryl East reputation credibility

From television to the Olympics and near-tragedy to ovation, Neryl takes you through powerful stories that will ignite the influential communicator within you.

What you’ll take away:

  • Sure-fire ways to get your message across, every time

  • Strategies to radiate confidence and presence (even when you’re not feeling it!)

  • How to become your own “reputation ambassador”

  • Kicking goals that win business and earn promotion

Perfect for: Anyone who want to increase their influence and success; businesses and organisations that want inspired and confident staff.

Group size: Unlimited

Disrupt your life - How to achieve the extraordinary through your daily choices and action 

In 2010, Neryl East received a phone message no wife wants to hear. Her partner, Mike, was critically injured in a dirt bike accident and was being rushed to hospital by air ambulance.

As Mike fought back from near-fatal injuries, Neryl was plunged into the world of the carer.

This compelling keynote – delivered in unique style by Neryl and Mike – follows Mike’s journey from trauma patient to international sporting medallist, with all the bumps along the way.

This presentation is perfect for both business and mainstream audiences; it will shift your perspective on the seemingly insignificant choices you make every day.

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Stand out! (for the right reasons)

 Do you worry your business could be exposed to negative comments on social media because of disgruntled customers or poor communication? Do your staff have all the skills they need to make sure that doesn’t happen? And if it does…what then?

It's no secret - people judge your business or organisation based on their first impression. It’s always been that way, but the difference now is they're likely to form that view because of a comment made by someone in their social media network. One negative issue can go global in a heartbeat.

On top of that, ‘regular employees’ are now perceived as a highly credible source of information about a business, while the credibility of the boss has taken a nose dive. Everyone in your business has a new and critical role to play; whether they know it or not, they’re your secret reputation weapon.

We used to think we could create a good reputation through marketing or “spin”. Those days are gone. Now, to truly  stand out, we need to build "reputation capital" from the inside out.

Neryl draws on stories from her media career in this entertaining and inspiring presentation that changes how employees see themselves in the business – regardless of their role.


What you’ll take away:

  • Four killer strategies to build reputation capital in your business or organisation

  • Why 'spin' is dead, and what you now need to succeed

  • The high price of neglecting your reputational health

  • Why your survival depends on having a stand-out culture

 Perfect for: Managers, team leaders and employees at any level in a business or organisation.

Group size: Unlimited

OUTSTANDING Leadership in the spotlight

These days, the whole world is one giant media outlet. Your performance is being watched and judged by a global audience, and any boo-boo has the potential to spark a social media frenzy.

Leaders must adapt to this shifting environment – even if they didn’t begin their career in the digital age.

Just what does it take to be a leader in this sometimes blinding spotlight? You need to be an astute, credible and strategic communicator, able to persuade and influence while remaining authentic – and always respecting the critical contribution of your team.

Neryl has advised, coached and mentored leaders in government, business and the not-for-profit sector to have credibility, confidence and influence in all their interactions. She brings that experience – and her own track record in the media spotlight – to this vibrant presentation.

What you’ll take away:

  • How to communicate like a dynamo in the media and social media

  • The secrets that will save you in any high-stakes communication situation

  • How to stand up with confidence in front of any audience

Perfect for: Leadership teams, emerging leaders

Group size: recommended up to 40 (but more isn't a problem!)

What others say about Neryl

“Her passion, energy, immense knowledge and easy style has made her a favourite. Neryl is a highly engaging presenter with very relevant content. She is a very professional speaker to work with; punctual, organised, she sticks to the brief. I highly recommend Dr Neryl East - she is your next speaker!!”
— Caryn Morgan – Conference and Event Organiser
“A fantastic presentation.”
— Peta Moore, Professional Conference Organisers Association Inc.
What a great night! Several of our members remarked it was the best ever event that we’ve put on thanks in no small part to your generous contribution. What I liked most was the precision of your presentation followed up with practical tips that gave them real takeaways for building their reputation and business success in the coming year!
— Phil Preston, NSW President, Professional Speakers Australia
Delegates found your session extremely valuable and gained much from your knowledge and experience.
— Ian Steigrad, Managing Director, The Australian Event Symposium
One cannot help but be inspired by Neryl, who seamlessly mixes her considerable skills and experience into an engaging and highly-motivating presentation.”
— Craig Clarke, Unit Manager Communications, City of Marion, South Australia.
Neryl is an energetic and expressive speaker with a deep knowledge in her area of expertise. I would highly recommend Neryl.
— Suzy Jacobs, Founder, SHE Business
You certainly delivered the goods, and the very positive feedback from participants at our event was a great result.
— Julian Kenny, Public Relations Institute of Australia
Thank you for your excellent presentation. It was relevant, up-to-date and fitted the audience needs
— Stuart Douglas, Manager - Sector Improvement, Society of Local Government Managers NZ
Neryl is a very passionate, innovative and experienced speaker and is always received positively by our audience. She is engaging and encourages interaction with the delegates. She is a fantastic speaker to work with; she is very proactive with her session details and is punctual on sending all details on a timely manner.
— Steven Oesterreich Managing Director Asia-Pacific Ark Group Australia Pty Ltd
One of the most thought-provoking presenters I have heard for quite a while!
— Jenny Hirst, Illawarra Business Chamber

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Neryl is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) - an international designation bestowed on only a small percentage of outstanding speakers worldwide.

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