How to achieve the extraordinary through your daily choices and actions

A keynote presentation by Neryl East and Michael McKeogh

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“You need to hear this story - it has so much inspiration. It makes you believe in taking hold of your life.” - Amanda Floyd, audience member

“This is a story about turning ordinary into extraordinary.” - Anne Goodall, audience member

What would your life be like if you achieved something remarkable – a goal beyond whatever you dreamed you could reach?

How would your business or organization be different if your team showed up every day ready to take action for extraordinary results?

The tiny, seemingly insignificant choices we make every day determine our actions and shape our life; yet many people live passively, waiting for circumstances to dictate their decisions.

In business, that translates to big problems like poor productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover.

More broadly, it creates a world of wasted potential, littered with broken relationships, chronic health issues and unfulfilled lives.

The truth is, each of us has more capacity than we know. Creating the extraordinary starts with a single choice.

This powerful keynote presentation will make you think differently about your life and career. After hearing Mike and Neryl’s story, you’ll realise you can - at any time - “shake your own tree” and disrupt your life.

“If you are looking for some inspiration and practical advice on how to overcome adversity this is for you!” - James Hale, audience member

“Made me really think about the simple choices you make every day.”- Trish Nicholson, audience member

Michael McKeogh and Neryl East

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Mike’s life took a shocking turn in 2010 when he narrowly survived an accident that left him wheelchair-bound. Everything changed; sporting opportunities, business success, even friendships. But few people factored in Mike’s single-minded determination to not only walk but excel in whatever came next.

His journey from trauma patient to international sporting medalist - while running an award-winning business - is proof of the potent combination of clear goals, deliberate choices and daily actions.

As well as sharing Mike’s experience as his partner, Neryl is a Certified Speaking Professional and Amazon best-selling author who shows leaders and teams how to stand out and accelerate their success.

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