Confident Communication for Early Childhood Educators


As an early childhood educator, your ability to be a confident and influential communicator is critical for your interactions with parents, families, other professionals and your colleagues.

The well-being of the children in your care may well depend on your ability to clearly get your message across.

The reality is, many early childhood education professionals lack confidence in both spoken and written communication. This program will help.

Dr Neryl East has distilled more than three decades of expertise into this fun and well-paced learning experience that will enable you to:

  • get your message across first time, every time

  • strengthen relationships with parents, carers and other education/health professionals who can impact the wellbeing of children in your care

  • grow your influence and credibility in ways you never imagined

This program is offered in both face-to-face and online modes. By joining, you'll discover the keys to speaking and writing with impact.

Online program:

Work at your own pace through six comprehensive modules (26 videos) as well as bonus templates and tools. 

Face-to-face program

This program is delivered over two full days. To find out about upcoming course dates or arrange for the program to be delivered in your organisation, contact us at

“I have noticed a real difference in the team since they undertook the Communication Development Program and their confidence in speaking with the families has grown enormously.” - Centre Director, SDN Children’s Services