Your business or personal reputation isn't just window dressing or something that can be "fixed" through clever marketing or spin. It starts on the inside!

Neryl delivers a powerful suite of programs in conjunction with YB12 (Your Best 12 Months). Check out what's available through the YB12 website, and contact Neryl about a free presentation to get you started and lift your productivity sky-high.

What others say about Neryl's YB12 workshops:

"I realised that my goals were too generalised and too distant; I need to be clear about what I want and take steps every day to get there". - Gillian Meers, Corrimal

"Attending to all goals - not yet excelling in a few". - Llew Leeming, Balgownie

"It makes you really think about your "Goals" and if they are achievable. Makes you really think and focus". - Leisa Floyd, Bulli

"The seminar reinforced a number of ideas I knew of but had been slack in applying. A useful kickstart to progress!". - Kevin M'Donald, Wollongong

"Makes you think about what you are doing day to day and what you can do to improve your daily thinking and positivity". - Peter Rowe, Farmborough Heights

"The steps needed to visualise/achieve your goals". - David Warren, Albion Park Rail

"Great information explaining strategies for goal setting, vision and breaking down action plans". - James, Fairy Meadow

"Visualise your future and take action". - Leanne Tran, Berkeley

"A reminder to stay focused - very useful". - Barbara Jackson, Corrimal

"Importance of distinguishing a perfect reality and having a vision". - Adrian, Wollongong

"Clearer insight into the steps of clarity and focus, setting goals and understanding these goals". - Kelly Lone, Moss Vale

"A great mini reminder that I used to know what I was doing. You were great!". - Angela Wark, Bowral

"A reminder of how powerful the mind is in your life". - Barry Sandly, Fairy Meadow

"Refreshing. Helpful. Insightful". - Duncan Mclennan, Bowral

"I found this seminar very helpful. I definitely had some "uh-ha" moments where the advice really got through to me".- Andrea Pavia, Wollongong

"Thank you so much Neryl, the YB12 course provided the tools, discussion and headspace to take back control and reset the focus. I am already putting my YB12 into action, and my "Wheel of Life" spinning in a smoother (less roller coaster) way". - Sarah Lisle, JCI Illawarra Local President.