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I attended Neryl’s course in December and by February I was being interviewed by the local newspaper for a story ! Wow, I couldn’t have asked for a better result.
— Tammy Mead, Owner, Recycled and Pre Loved
After undertaking Neryl’s workshop on understanding and engaging with traditional media, I approached a television station with an angle on a public interest story. Two follow up phone calls and providing all relevant information to make the reporter’s work as easy as possible, success! Channel 9 News Brisbane ran a prime time report on my story, ‘Award for Policeman Involved in Shooting’. Neryl thank you so much for your valuable insight into working with mainstream media. This great media exposure was made possible by your expertise and workshop.
— Daryl Elliott Green

These days everyone has a strong focus on social media - but it's critically important we don't overlook the traditional media - television, radio, newspapers and magazines (whether in print or online). 

If you're not going after positive media coverage, you're missing out on outstanding opportunities to build reputation capital for your business or organisation.

The good news is, anyone can attract positive media coverage if they know how. Going after media coverage is not like marketing (many business make that mistake!) You need to know the specific elements a journalist looks for, how to put your material together, and how to do a killer interview that will have the media coming back for more.

Neryl East will give you tailored and practical tools to ensure you're well on your way to seeing your own story in the media. If you've already had some media experience, she'll sharpen your media skills so you can shine in any interview. 

Neryl’s knowledge and understanding of how the media works is an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to promote themselves or their business via a media platform.
With Neryl’s help I have achieved a greater understanding of the media and how they tick, she has opened up an avenue of exposure for my business I could have only dreamed of.
— Tammy Mead, Owner, Recycled and Pre Loved
PR in a nutshell! Fantastic course, straight to the point, how to get free publicity, understanding what Journalists want, how to approach them and how to avoid the common mistakes! Neryl East is a great instructor with volumes of knowledge based on personal experience; I highly recommend this course.
— Birgit Stewart, course participant

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