How to get media coverage

In this Reputation Economy - where who you are matters more than what you do - it's important to be a stand-out. Just make sure you're a stand-out for the right reasons!

Many people and businesses attempt to get some "stand-out value" by trying to attract media coverage. I'm talking here about traditional mass media, involving stories covered by professional journalists.

It's interesting that while many people don't trust journalists (and I say this with love, being a long-standing journalist myself!), they tend to give more credence to a story written by a journalist than, say, someone posting on social media or information direct from a company website. That's because they know the information has passed through an independent set of hands before being broadcast to the outside world.

Attracting positive media coverage gives a huge bonus to your "reputation reservoir". Even the smallest story in a minor publication can be powerful for you and your business - so it's well worth pursuing. 

However, you're not going to get very far if you just expect a free ad. You must have a genuine story. In this short video, I share some insights into what the media looks for in a story. Use these tips, and you'll increase your chances of getting media coverage.

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Neryl EastComment