I did it whose way?

I was lucky enough to hear a talk by the great motivational writer, Wayne Dyer,  in Sydney the other week. While Dr Dyer could hardly be described as a dynamic presenter - it's more that he has a gentle fireside chat with several thousand people in the audience - the power of his message can't be denied.

He made the point that one thing that's been consistent, right through the ages, is that no-one, anywhere, likes to be told what to do. Humans just don't take kindly to instruction! He also related a discussion with his daughter, who had tried to correct something he had done. He pointed out to her that there's "your way" and  "my way", but there's no such thing as "THE way".

Isn't that the truth! There's no definitive way to do anything. So it's no wonder that when we want people to do something new, their hackles get raised when they perceive we're not only telling them what to do, we're also trying to impose our way as THE way. A sure-fire recipe for failure.

Rather than trying to head-butt your way to change, try a different approach. Much better to give people the information they need to make up their own mind. It will take longer, and there's no guarantee they will ultimately agree with you - but you might just end up on a shared path.

Neryl EastComment