New Year - New Positioning for your Business

We all know social media now makes the world go round – no-one in business can afford to neglect their digital footprint.

But just as important is your traditional media footprint – in fact, nothing gives you more credibility on social media than being able to show you’ve been covered by the “serious” media – newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

Most business operators disregard this critical part of the marketing mix – and by doing that they’re wasting priceless opportunities to position themselves as an expert and leader in their field.

Don’t make that mistake in 2015; make this your year to actively go after great, positive media coverage and reap the rewards:

Credibility: being interviewed by a professional media outlet makes your message much more powerful than simply posting it yourself on Facebook.

Reach: you might have an extensive social network, but the “old-fashioned” media will get you to audiences you wouldn’t otherwise reach.

Leverage: give your social media posts much more “oomph” by peppering them with your traditional media coverage. The two work beautifully together and drive your marketing dollar so much further!

Ongoing profile: don’t stop at one media story. It’s an opportunity for you to build a long-term working relationship with the journalist and – provided you know how to do a great interview – they’re likely to come back to you in the future for more stories.

Building your own media profile is well within your reach. Seize the New Year and develop this critical area of your business.

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Neryl EastComment