Personal crunch times

I write and speak a lot about strategies organisations can use to help them through "crunch times" like issues, crisis and change.

Every business, organisation and government department faces crunch times. Some learn to thrive at times like these and come out the other end stronger and more resilient. Others go to water and have some serious consequences as a result.

It's been striking me a lot lately that the same applies during our own personal crunch times. We all go through a rough trot at one time or another; financial difficulties, relationship breakdowns, accidents, ill health, whatever it is. At those times, we have a choice. We can curl up like an echidna, face our prickly spines towards the world and hunker down until the bad times pass. Or, we can tackle the issue head-on, persist until we find a way through, and learn something amazing about ourselves in the process.

Sometimes it actually feels good to roll up like a threatened animal when times get tough. We can temporarily ignore the outside world and just worry about our own needs. But this isn't a long-term strategy. If you stay in a siege mentality, only focusing on how bad things are, you'll miss all the opportunities waiting for you on the other side of that short-term difficulty.

When your own crunch times come - and they will come - try to look at each experience as just another example of life unfolding. There is a gift in every moment, both the wonderful and the not-so-great. The positive things you can take away from crunch times are often the lessons that stick with you for life.

Neryl EastComment