Reputation Economics: the future is here

The concept of the Reputation Economy is rapidly gaining momentum. Finally, a groundswell of businesses are recognising that in this social media age,  we can't operate to the same rules we used a decade ago.

That's borne out in a new book, Reputation Economics by popular Ted talker Josh Klein. I love Josh's idea that "your network is worth more than your net worth."

In this new economy, relationships are king. If businesses are to thrive, they need to start focusing on building greatness. Not just saying they're great, but being great in every aspect. Demonstrating impeccable corporate behaviour and making a significant contribution within their 'ecosystem of influence'. 

We've come a long way from the days of 'spin' - where we could gloss things up a little if they didn't go to plan. 

Read more about Josh's book here, and get the book for yourself. 

Neryl EastComment