Sure-fire ways to get and keep a bad reputation

Sick of trying to put your best foot forward in this social media age? You could always go for notoriety of a different kind, by following these tips for creating reputation headaches:

  1. Give a customer/client a bad experience.First up, don’t do something you said you were going to do. Then, when they follow up with you, be offhand and make them feel totally unimportant. After all, they’re just getting in the way of your day. (If you really want to go for it, pick one who looks particularly switched on and tech savvy).
  2. Make yourself sound important by using big words. You want the other person to take notice of you, right? Borrowing some legal phrases is a great start, and acronyms (three letters or even more!) are always a winner. Tip: this works really well if you’re communicating with someone outside your business, but it can also pack a punch for members of your own team.
  3. Keep things to yourself. This is a critical way to protect your turf. Remind yourself that knowledge is power! Most important: give as little information as possible to members of your team. They can’t be trusted not to blab it to the rest of the world, and who knows where it will end.
  4. Fight your critics. If, heaven forbid, someone makes a negative comment about your organisation or business on Facebook or Twitter, point out to the rest of the world what an idiot they truly are. That’s sure to make them stop. Even better, ignore social media all together. It just a fad, and only pimply adolescents read that stuff.
  5. If something goes wrong, blame someone else. Have a few people in your sights, so you’re always ready with the flick-pass. Make sure everyone knows what a mess this person made of things. In the event things really go pear-shaped, your best options are to a) run around in circles, flap your arms and swear or b) curl up under your desk until it goes away.

     We can laugh, but I’ll bet you’ve seen some of these in action at some point in your career! These days we can’t ‘spin’ reputation – it has to come from each individual striving to be the best version of themselves they can be.

    Are you working to build ‘stand-outs’ in your team – and are you a stand-out yourself? Remember, your organisation’s reputation depends on it.

    Neryl EastComment