What's your 'man on the moon'?


The key to standing out in this reputation-fuelled economy has nothing to do with chest-beating or spin-doctoring. It has everything to do with good, old-fashioned authenticity - doing what you say you're going to do, and doing it well.

A big part of that is knowing why you're doing it - what's the big picture goal? So often we do things with just the output, or immediate result, in mind. We don't think about the really big deal - or outcome - we're working towards. 

It's been said that everyone involved in the American space program in the 1960s knew what their higher purpose - their outcome - was, and it united them so strongly that their success was almost guaranteed. They weren't just coming to work every day and going through the motions; they knew they were there to put a man on the moon.

So, what's your "man on the moon?" If you work in local government, it might be to make a specific difference in the lives of residents. If you run a business, maybe it's to help keep people safe or improve their health or contribute to the national economy. If you work in child care, it's the difference between educating and caring for young children, and making a direct impact on a human life in its most formative years.

Whatever your higher purpose, if you make it the frame within which you work, your performance will be elevated. You'll have a reason to do the absolute best job you can at all times. You'll demonstrate stand-out behaviour, and people will notice.

These days, people can see into our businesses and lives like never before. Social media has brought about a new era of transparency. To thrive, you can't just say you're great - you need to be great in every sense of the word.

We won't all get to put a person on the moon during our working lives, but we can be stand-outs in our own way. And in this digital age, we'll thrive by standing out for the right reasons.

Neryl EastComment