How To Avoid Chaos and Claim Back Your Clarity

Have you ever had one of those weeks when nothing goes to plan? It happened to me recently when a chain of events threatened to unhinge my sanity.

First, one of our business websites was hacked for the second time in a couple of years. We’d taken precautions after the first time and thought we were water-tight, but that wasn’t the case.

Our site was diverting people to all kinds of weird and wonderful places and soon we were getting feedback from surprised clients - not a great situation! Sorting it out wasn’t straightforward either, but eventually – via an IT company with some help from a programmer in Bangladesh (as you do) – we were back on line.

Around the same time, my Facebook profile was also hacked. The incidents weren’t related, but hackers in general must have had us on their radar that week. Someone set up a fake profile of me and was going around targeting all my friends.

I reported it to Facebook and they dealt with it very quickly, but it’s pretty disconcerting to view a mirror profile of yourself complete with all your photos, posts, and everything so closely associated with your personality.

Next, we discovered that because of the website hacking, many of our emails weren’t reaching their destination because servers all over the world had blocked email addresses associated with the site. More discussions with Bangladesh, and eventually it got sorted.

In a world where we rely so heavily on technology - and so much of it out of our control - it’s relatively easy to be thrown into turmoil because of somebody else’s actions.

In the middle of all this I read a great quote:

Chill, its only chaos.

That hit the spot for me, and reminded me that because there’s a lot we can’t control, it’s important to focus on the things we can.

No matter what chaotic state we find ourselves in due to the unpredictable nature of our world, it’s really important to have a clear purpose and stay focused on the direction we’ve set for ourselves.  That way, we’re not easily derailed when someone throws a curve ball at us.

And for a business or organization it means having clarity about why you exist. What is it that you add to the world, and what do you bring to your clients or customers?

If you’re clear on your purpose, you can practice “constant weeding”; looking at everything going on in and around your organization and taking immediate action if something doesn’t seem to be working. Rather than being blindsided by a big problem, you can take small steps whenever you notice that something or someone doesn’t line up with your purpose.

Weeding takes time and effort. Often weeds are the only things I can grow successfully in my garden - they seem to spring up in such a short space of time! We need to be vigilant in our business and be able to discern whether an action or event helps or hinders what we’re trying to achieve. It’s a matter of continuous adjusting.

I encourage you to practice clarity, not chaotic thinking, and definitely to chill and not be unhinged by chaos. There’s no doubt chaos will come, but if you’re firm in your purpose you will continue smoothly on your course.


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