The formula for standing out - from a world-renowned speaker

I’ve been guilty of this, and wonder if you have too. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that to stand out in business - or even as an individual - you need to do something splashy and innovative to get attention.

I was reminded recently that doing simple things well is the formula for success.

Amanda Gore graces the global stage in front of hundreds and thousands of people. She doesn’t turn up in a slick business suit and reel off trendy catch phrases. She has a straightforward message about bringing more joy into your life and work - and she delivers it in a way that's honest, authentic Amanda.

Watching her in all her simple magnificence, three key elements resounded for me:

1.     Be yourself.

Amanda might speak in front of huge audiences but she's also humble and down to earth. She is herself whether on stage or off, reminding me that creating a lasting impression doesn't come from sounding important. It’s about being the best version of yourself.

Coupled with that authenticity is a sense of wicked fun, unifying large groups of people in shared laughter. Ironically, Amanda stands out because she doesn’t try to do so. She seeks to blend in, to relate directly to the issues, challenges and funny moments experienced by her audiences. 

2.     It’s all about them.

I’ve heard this message many times and I use it frequently in my own workshops and presentations - and Amanda Gore embodies it. During every moment in front of an audience, she  demonstrates her concern and care for the individuals she's speaking to. When she presents, her attention is outside of her own body and focused on the value she can deliver to those listening.

One of her techniques is internalising her content rather than rehearsing it. Her material is second nature through many hours of preparation, but just before stepping on stage she lets it go. The whole experience is about the audience and what they need.

That means content often doesn't come out in the planned order, and the presentation isn't perfect in a technical sense. What it is, however, is real and genuine - delivering the messages people need to hear,  right where they are.

3.     Hard work.

Like anyone who is a master of their craft, Amanda makes it look effortless - like she just jumped out of bed and came up with some life-transforming messages on the spur of the moment. But by her own admission she continuously studies. Even though she’s one of the world’s most successful speakers, she has mentors and regularly attends training in specific areas.

It’s a reminder that we never truly get there, no matter how successful we might feel. There’s always more to learn, always a new way to bring something even better into your life.


These ideas aren’t new, but I suspect most people don’t apply them in their every day world. What can you do to be more of yourself when relating to others?

How can you make sure that whenever you interact with another, you focus on them, truly connect with them?

What are you doing to continually learn?

If you want to be a stand-out, do the simple things really well.

Neryl EastComment