Why skills that stand the test of time matter even more in today's disrupted world

Are you overwhelmed by social media?
I don’t just mean as a consumer of it – keeping up with the daily onslaught of posts in your various news feeds. I’m also referring to the pressure of creating content that gets you noticed (for the right reasons!)
I was listening to a presentation by business and mindset expert Pat Mesiti where he said “If you use yesterday’s methods in today’s world you’ll have no tomorrow.”
Wise words, and I get where he’s coming from. I also believe you can’t rely solely on the methods of today and tomorrow for your communication.

grand central station.png

When I visited Grand Central Station in New York City (if you haven’t been there, make it a goal to go!!) I was intrigued by the way they’d set up the Apple Store. It wasn’t like a conventional shop, with walls around it. It had all the trimmings of an Apple Store but it was laid out in the open, within the walls of the station structure.
Here you have a symbol of all things high-tech, the way of the future, staffed by bright-eyed millennials, operating in this majestic old building steeped in tradition and history.
Then it struck me: that’s how we need to be when we communicate!
If you want to engage more effectively with your customers, team, manager, partner or anyone in your world, remember this: by all means use all the digital tools available to you, but never forget the core qualities of an outstanding communicator.
These qualities have stood the test of time – just like a grand old railway station - and they’re not going away regardless of how many new social media channels emerge in the coming years.
They include:

  • Being honest, whatever the stakes
  • Having a clear message and being able to express it
  • Knowing your audience and caring about what they need

 Are you so consumed with the whirlwind of the digital age that you’ve let some of those tried and tested qualities slip away?
I encourage you to focus on how you speak to others and how well you listen.

Take a step back and read over some of your recent emails: are they clear and precise, or have you confused your reader?

When you walk into a room, do you have the confidence and credibility to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know?
Old style communication skills matter. They matter a lot in today’s social-media driven world. Get those right, and the rest will fall into place.

Neryl EastComment