Do you talk to yourself like your best friend would?

Do you talk to yourself? Of course you do – it’s part of being human. It’s what you say to yourself that counts.

Last week I got to work with a great group of professionals on the beautiful north coast of New South Wales. In their roles, these people regularly deal with tricky issues; they’re often in high-stakes meetings where there's conflict and tension. In those moments, many of them find their confidence ebbing away.

We talked about the importance of the communication we have in our own personal realm; the conversations that go on silently in our minds.

What type of conversations are you having with yourself? This can be the most important communication you'll ever have.

Many of us experience a continuous loop of negative thoughts flowing through our mind. As someone commented to me recently, “If my friend talked to me the way I do, they would no longer be my friend!” Sad, but true, for lots of people.

If we tune in to our inner conversation and catch it in the moment, we can make a choice to replace the negative conversation with more positive and helpful words. Simply being aware of it can make a difference.

I encourage you to think about your personal communication realm. What are you saying to yourself every day, and what effect does that have on your interactions with others?  

A small inner intervention can have a profound impact on your confidence and credibility. Remember, what you think about is always up to you.

Neryl EastComment