The three elements that make up your reputation

You’re operating in a reputation-driven economy – but what does that mean for you and your business?

 I believe reputation is made up of three key elements. Let’s imagine they’re pillars, holding up your reputation (which is everyone else’s collective perception of you).

The first pillar represents what you say about yourself; everything you actually say, along with your body language and the way you show up.


The second pillar is how other people directly experience you. What happens when they interact with you and, most importantly, is their experience consistent with what you say about yourself?  

You might already by realising that if your first two pillars are out of alignment, you have the beginnings of a reputation problem.

The third pillar represents what others say to others about you or your business. This could be on social media, at work or even directly to their friends.

Often we spend time worrying about the third pillar. Businesses put a huge amount of time and focus into “firefighting”; trying to manage negative comments once a problem has arisen.

While it’s important to respond to a negative issue, my suggestion is to put your focus on making sure your first two pillars are strong and in alignment with each other.

If you make sure your words and actions are consistent with how people experience you, they're likely to say only positive things to others. You’ll be building a great reputation.

Neryl EastComment