Do your emails inspire good decisions, or the delete key?

If you're like me, you probably have lots of emails clogging up your inbox. It’s not only because you're busy - it's also a sign that the people sending the messages aren't doing enough to grab your attention.

Here are some simple tips to help ensure your emails get read by your reader.

First up, you need to make your message about them, not about you. Often we charge in and tell the other person what we want them to do without even considering what might be going on for them (I’m certainly guilty of this!). That approach isn’t likely to get the best result.

Taking this to the next stage, it’s important to lead with their need. Think about what’s most important and relevant to them and put that information right up the top of your email. Don’t make your reader work through a whole lot of information to get to the point. They simply won’t have the time or interest to read that far. 

Thirdly, use personal language that connects with your reader. Steer clear of formal business jargon and use a healthy dose of “you” and we” (not so much “I” and “me”).

Remember, if you want to be “heard”, even through email, establish a connection and make it about them.

Even better, avoid email completely and choose to have a conversation.

Neryl EastComment