We’re operating in a game-changer era. All organisations face the challenges of the digital communication age, with people able to see further into their operations than ever before, and instant channels enabling information to go global in a heartbeat.

The game-change goes far beyond the presence of social media; it’s the deeper impact of the digital age that’s really created the shift.

Research shows regular employees now have a significant influence when talking to others (including their social networks) about your business or organisation.

At the same time, we’re now operating in the Reputation Economy. People are more likely to form an opinion about your business based on what they’ve heard from others in their network, than on the services you provide.

Put those elements together and one thing is clear: communication is no longer the domain only of professional media or public relations staff. Every staff member now has a profound effect on your organisation’s future, through the way they communicate with your audiences.

Everyone in your business is a reputation ambassador. In this environment, those with superior communication skills will survive and thrive.

Neryl East Communications offers a program of tailored communication training workshops including: 

  • Advanced media interview skills for Executives
  • How to get great media coverage
  • How to write in plain language
  • Presentations that pack a punch
  • Ignite your Influence

   Find out more about downloading Neryl's training brochure here.

Neryl is an energetic and expressive speaker with a deep knowledge in her area of expertise. I would highly recommend Neryl.
— Suzy Jacobs, founder, SHE Business
You certainly delivered the goods, and the very positive feedback from participants at our event was a great result
— Julian Kenny, National Education Manager, Public Relations Institute of Australia
The workshop was informative, insightful and empowering. Everything I learned I will be able to implement into my everyday work.
— Participan, PRIA Breakfast, November 2014
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